Birkenstock Feet First

Welcome Home!

Welcome to Birkenstock Feet First!

    Birkenstock Feet First is a locally owned and operated shoe store with three locations in North Carolina including
Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem. James Taylor, owner of all three stores, opened the first store in Charlotte in 2000 with the two other locations only opening a few years after. Birkenstock Feet First originally began with just Birkenstocks, and since, the local company has expanded its brands, and now carries over fifty brands in each store.

    Birkenstock Feet First has a reputation for carrying comfortable and supportive shoes. Our customers visit our stores for a variety of reasons whether they're trying to find a good nursing or chef shoe, or if they need a pair of shoes where they can roam the city all day. We carry both men's and women's shoes, and with our vast selection of brands and styles, there is something here for everyone and every foot.

    Here at Birkenstock Feet First, we take pride in our shoes. Stop by any of our three locations to see what we have to offer and to fully experience our unique selection in comfortable shoes. Our friendly and welcoming staff will be waiting to assist you if you have any questions or just want to try on a pair of shoes or two!

    We offer full service shoe fittings, place special orders for most of the over 50 brands we carry, and make you feel at home!

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